Whereas many speakers base their material on theory, Joe's topics are "real world" tested. He has a proven track record in selling, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Seminars   (4 hours)

Throw the Rabbit - The Ultimate Approach to Three Dimensional Selling

    The Ultimate Consultative Approach. Are your sales reps verbally vomiting information on your customers before they take the time to find out your customers' needs? We have the solution. With Three Dimensional Selling, Joe will transform your sales force into consultants and problem solvers, not just sales reps. Your associates will learn how to negotiate for more long-term business by developing lasting client relationships. This soft yet assertive approach to selling will ultimately increase your sales. (A Three Dimensional Selling audio program is also available.)

Strategic Sales Planning Made Simple

    Apply a simple method for planning your sales for the day, the week, the month, the year and the future. You may use this method to plan a sales strategy for one client. Joe Bonura will show you how to develop your plan, take action, follow up and measure results.

   Special Presentation for Media
Pressing Advertiser Hot Buttons

    How can you get an advertiser to say YES to your advertising media? Joe Bonura will show you how. Why listen to Joe? He owned and operated a highly successful advertising agency for 18 years with branches in Kentucky and Louisiana where he handled clients like McDonald's and American Airlines. He knows what clients want from their advertising and how to press their hot buttons. This special program is highly customized and includes researching your clients.

Talks   (45 minutes - 1 hour)

Your Possibilities are Unlimited

    Joe Bonura will challenge, motivate, encourage and inspire you to face sales with confidence. Maximize your unique capabilities with five empowering action strategies revealed in this talk.

From Salesperson to Serveperson

    Sales and service go hand in hand to create better customer relationships. Learn how to generate more sales by positioning yourself as a serveperson to your clients.

Customized Sales Training Systems

Joe Bonura will design a sales training system for your company that may include:

  • multiple seminars
  • research and interviews with your key associates
  • field days with your sales representatives where Joe observes and analyzes sales skills
  • a train the trainer program
  • suggestions and methods for follow up

Seminar  (4 hours)  or  Talk  (45 minutes - 1 hour)

Creating Customer Excitement

    Win over and keep excited customers by turning customer complaints into service opportunities. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere at your organization.

Customized Service Training System

Joe Bonura will design a service training system for your company that may include:

  • multiple seminars
  • research and interviews with your key associates
  • a train the trainer program
  • our audio learning system as a means for one year of follow up

Visit our product section for more information on our audio learning system, Turning Customer Satisfaction Into Customer ExcitementTM, a year of customer service training in a box.

To check Joe's availability or to request additional information, contact:

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407 Landis Lakes Court
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