Throw The Rabbit© (Paperback)
The Ultimate Approach To
Three-Dimensional Selling

A new sales book
by Joe Bonura, CSP

Throw the Rabbit© is your passport to greater sales and success. You will be introduced to high-impact sales ideas that will turbo-charge your sales career beginning today. Joe Bonura's unique hands-on approach to the sales process is written from his forty-year "library of life" experiences. Every year, Joe invests over two hundred hours in the real world of selling, making real sales calls with real sales people (or as Joe calls them - Serve People). His client list includes Sony Corporation, Atlas Van Lines, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield, plus hundreds of other businesses.

You will learn:

  • How to "Throw the Rabbit" on every sales call
  • How to re-ignite, relight, and re-excite your enthusiasm for selling
  • How to master the three-dimensions of a sales call
  • How to become a telemaster© instead of a telemarketer
  • How to empower yourself to empower your customers
  • How to use the perfect sales process for greater success
  • How to turn objections into reasons to buy
  • How to use the only way to close a sale

And many more revenue-generating ideas that will help you out-think, out-perform, out-service, and out-sell the competition.

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Throw The Rabbit© And Make That Sale (CD Audio Learning System)
The Ultimate Approach To Three Dimensional Selling

Take your sales career to the next level with Joe Bonura's audio learning system designed for sales professionals entitled "Throw The Rabbit And Make That Sale." It is the ultimate consultative approach to selling and promises to transform ordinary salespeople into polished consultants. Joe shares how to develop client relationships that foster long-term business.


For just $99 plus shipping and handling, you'll receive 4 audio CD's that will change the way you sell and serve forever.


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Throw The Rabbit© And Keep That Customer (CD Audio Learning System)
The Ultimate Approach To Turning Customer Satisfaction into Customer Excitement!

Order a Year of Training in a Box now and create customer excitement!

This audio learning system is a simple, effective way to improve customer service. It's a year of valuable customer service training in a box. Joe shares fifty powerful customer service principles such as focusing on one customer at a time, improving accuracy, maintaining a clean facility and developing a customer friendly attitude. Your associates will listen to one message a week for fifty weeks. Each message will give them an action step for the coming week. In just a few short weeks your customers will notice the difference and come back for more.


For just $99 plus shipping and handling you will receive fifty lessons on 4 CD's.

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The Make Calls Mug

Get going in the morning with this motivational coffee mug! This basic white mug is inscribed with Joe Bonura's most famous quote, the Three Greatest Rules of Selling, "Make Calls, Make More Calls, Make Many More Calls." You may order in a lot of 10 for $50 plus shipping and handling. Please call us if you have a special request.

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