"You were motivating, stimulating, thought-provoking yet down-to-earth and practical with your approach to the sales process. Our audience... both live and out in "television land" think you are great and could have listened longer. And I guess that's the sign of a successful program... when they want more!"

    -- Barbara Ann Zeiger, President

Vencor, Inc.

"We are happy to report that our people were prepared to hit the ground running, and that we have enjoyed a 7% to 8% increase in census since the meeting. We are sure that the enthusiasm you generated and the knowledge you imparted have contributed greatly to this growth and will continue to benefit us in the future."

    -- Frank W. Anastasio, Regional Director of Operations

Atlas Van Lines

"In talking to a number of agency salespeople, I heard comments such as 'that guy was great,' 'I've got three new ideas to try next week,' 'if everyone followed Joe's simple formula, we'd all be sales superstars,' and 'a wonderful session...I learned a lot.'"

    -- J. Stephen Mumma, Sr. Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations

Lafayette Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

"We are seeing results from the talk you gave less than a month ago!

"I worked in the field in California yesterday, and the Southwest Representative who was utilizing the questioning techniques and gaining more time in front of our customers!

"Numerous people -- who have been to many sales meetings in the past -- told me that this was the best they ever attended. Your day-long presentation helped make it the success it was."

    -- Lynne E. Hamilton Lang, Vice President Sales & Marketing

Citizens Bank of Kentucky

"We wanted to let you know of all the seminars, training sessions that we have attended since coming to work here at Citizens Bank, the Joe Bonura Sales Training session has been by far the best seminar that we have attended! The information that Joe shared with us was so "common" and practical that you wondered why other speakers aren't sharing this same information. One leaves the seminar with the information thinking "I can do that!" We are eagerly looking forward to the next two sessions. We just wanted you to know that of all the money that the bank has spent on training seminars this is by far the best spent money!"

    -- Associates at Nortonville Office: Kevin Whitehair, Mildred Stanley, Shirley Epley, Ruby Hook, Paula Briles

Bank of Louisville

"Your knowledge, training technique, and enthusiasm have created a sales environment and new business atmosphere beyond my very high expectations. Your hands-on approach including going on calls with the officers, have created an environment within the Commercial Loan Department that will maximize new business opportunities. In January alone, we made our first "official" calls and generated over $20 million of potential new business. Your training technique and hands-on involvement with the loan officers created the atmosphere and environment in which this kind of new business potential could be generated."

    -- Gail W. Pohn, Executive Vice-President

Rocky Mountain News

"Your message provided a great mix of inspiration and method.

"Your 'Be All You Can Be' message was inspirational. Your memory-linking method locked into our minds, the sales points that emphasize the value we deliver."

"Most importantly, you showed us how through the effective use of questions, we can lock those sales points in the minds of our customers."

    -- John T. Goetz, Advertising Training and Development Manager

HPS Photo Supplies

"Your method of one-on-one training in the field has given our salespeople a tangible picture of how the perfect sale can be achieved. We're now making more calls and we've already made back our investment from your weeks in the field."

    -- William A. Boncosky, President

Cedar Rapids Gazette

"Obviously, one thing that is important when assessing any training program is what will we get for the investment? Well, I can say that we have brought in more NEW business to The Gazette to more than pay for the six-month training program.

"The Blitz selling program was key to us making over 550 NEW business contacts and generating over $35,000 and counting. We will continue to incorporate the Blitz selling program into our performanee criteria every 60 days, since the technique has enthused the staff to make cold calls!"

    -- Jandell Herum, Retail Advertising Manager

Anitec Image Corp.

"Yes, you were entertaining; yes, we were impressed with your speaking skills, but we were most impressed with what you taught and the way you re-taught many of those seldom used skills that sleep within us all."

    -- R. D. Bush, General Sales Manager, Western Zone

Steamboat Pilot Newspaper

"Joe Bonura is the best sales training person I have heard. His program offers a simple, non-threatening, effective sales method. He delivers his program with humor and emotion -- you can not take your eyes or ears off of him. Joe involves every member of the audience.

"Finally, he requires participants to decide and commit to a plan of action. In this manner, he guarantees that the information he offers will not collect dust on a shelf. Joe makes me believe I can conquer the world. And, he shows you, simply, how to do it."

    -- Suzanne Antinorro, Publisher



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