"When The Saints Go Marching In"

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When The Saints Go Marching In
by Joe Bonura, CSP


In the Beginning

It was September 17, 1967, and I was there in Tulane Stadium when the New Orleans Saints played their first National Football League regular season game. Atlanta lost the toss, and the Saints elected to receive. On the kickoff, Saints' running back John Gilliam ran the ball 94 yards for the first touchdown of the game. What a way to see my first NFL game!

In the End

The Saints went on to lose that game, and the losers' limp has plagued the Saints for their entire NFL history.

Monday Magic

That is, until Monday night, September 25, 2006, the Saints went marching in to beat Atlanta 23 to 3 in one of the most exciting football games in NFL history.

What a Difference!

It has taken over 39 years to repeat the excitement of that first run. So, what caused the difference? The Saints have had great coaches (14 of them), great players, and a great stadium. Inspired by the devastation of Katrina, they were fired up, really fired up, not with phony hoopla, but with a real and genuine interest in winning the game. They wanted the people and the city of New Orleans to have hope again by having something to believe in.

Hello, Again

The Atlanta Falcons ran into Katrina number two. Before the opening kickoff, the fans knew, the New Orleans Saints knew, the Atlanta Falcons knew, the whole world knew that the Saints were going to win the game.

No Offense for Saints' Defense

This time, Atlanta won the toss and elected to receive. The Saints’ defensive team made the first score with a blocked punt, and that scenario rarely happens.

You Have the Power

You too have the power to experience the same winning attitude in your sales career. You must simply relight and re-excite yourself about your company and your product.

Retired or Re-Fired?

When Zig Ziglar was asked if it was true that he said he was retired, he answered that the person quoting him misunderstood. He said that he had been re-fired, not retired. After all, Zig is only 80 years young.

Step Back and Step Up

So how can you be re-fired? Step back and take a fresh look at your product or service, and consider the benefits to the customer and to the world you live in? If you cannot think of any product benefits, find a new job selling a product that excites you.

Just a Pinch

Every morning, I pinch myself to be sure that I am not dreaming, because I love what I do, and I do what I love. My goal is to help others achieve successful outcomes in their lives, so how can I not be excited about that?

Two Wonderful Careers

When I owned my advertising agency, I was in the business of helping other businesses grow their sales and create jobs for their communities. I enjoyed the challenges. In the professional speaking business, I help others to achieve successful outcomes in their careers.

Serve Someone and Succeed

Once you remind yourself why you do what you do, set a goal to serve someone every day.

Strike the Match

You have the power to fire yourself up. Stop waiting for spontaneous combustion. If you are not fired up, you are burned out.

No Gas—No Go

Reminding yourself about why you do what you do is like adding fuel to the fire. I flicked the ignition switch on my barbecue grill, and the flame would not ignite. After several attempts, I realized that I had not turned on the gas. No gas—No go.

Magic of the Moment

The New Orleans Saints learned a lesson that I hope they remember. On that Monday night, they could have beaten any team in the NFL. They have to remember how to tap into the magic of that moment.

Go Marching in Today!

You must do the same. Before each sales call, recall your best sales success. Recapture the feeling and the experience of a successful sales call. Then, you will not have to wait until you are a Saint to go marching in.

Make every day an  awesome day!



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