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by Joe Bonura, CSP


The Dream Train

When you have completed a task and you want to continue to sharpen your skills, ask the question, "What Next?" It is the next step that keeps you moving forward on the right track to increased success. I am currently reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, and it is like reading an action thriller. Steve Jobs was not one to relax and enjoy his latest accomplishment; he was always asking, "What Next?" Years ago, when Apple let him go, he started a new company, NExT. Steve Jobs, always a visionary, motivated others to join him on his "Dream Train," always on the track to somewhere. Steve continued to dream his high-tech ideas until the very end of his life. His very last words were, "Oh, WOW! Oh, WOW! Oh, WOW!

Is That All There Is?

When I complete this article, I will ask myself, "What Next?" I will follow that thought throughout the day, and each accomplishment will open the door to a new personal development. It will compel me to stay the course to move forward. Too often, we tend to complete a task and feel that's it for now; we take a break to recoup. We lose the momentum, and the train has to start up again.

Chew On This

Momentum is the fuel that keeps the train moving forward. During WWI, William Wrigley was riding on a train with one of his vice presidents who advised him to discontinue their advertising during wartime because the company could not obtain the raw material to make Wrigley's gum. Mr. Wrigley questioned what would happen if they stopped the train they were riding? Wrigley stated that if they stopped the train, it would lose momentum and take more effort and energy to get started again. He was correct; Wrigley continued to advertise, and after the war, Wrigley's became the leading gum in the country.

Take Off The Handcuffs (Fearcuffs)

What are the handcuffs or "Fearcuffs" that are holding you back? Is it fear? Is it energy? Is it lack of knowledge? Whatever it is, you can overcome the adversity with the momentum key. Momentum is like a snowball rolling down a hill; the farther it rolls, the bigger it gets, and the faster it goes.

Take Immediate Action

Decide what is keeping you on the sidelines, while others move forward to create a better life for themselves and their families. Once you know what chains are holding you to the wall, decide to break the chains and take immediate action. One action step at a time will build your momentum, and once your success train is rolling down the track, it will be difficult to stop. When you recognize your "Fearcuffs," do not flee from them; run toward the obstacles and conquer them head-on. Make a decision now and follow through.

(F.E.A.R.) False Evidence Appearing Real

If fear is holding you back, then "do the thing you fear to do, and the death of fear is certain," a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. Because I had a fear of flying on airplanes, I became a pilot and now I love to fly. It is my favorite thing. One benefit is that I can get lots of work and reading done at 30,000 feet with no interruptions. To conquer my fear further, I have done aerobatics in a small plane. Flying has become a respite instead of a "Fearcuff" in my life.

The Energy Train

If you feel that you lack the energy to move forward, start your day with a daily multiple vitamin and vigorous exercise. I drink a "Zija Smart Mix" as soon as I awake. It is an awesome vitamin supplement that is readily absorbable and gives me an energy boost. I start with a daily exercise program, walking two miles on my treadmill, then I work out on my "Total Gym," before hitting a speed bag (my wife loves that one at 5:00 AM). By the time most people are hitting the alarm reset button for the third time, I am energized and ready to tackle another day of unlimited opportunity. You do not lose the battle against success and aging; many never wage the battle. Because I have the momentum of a planned program, I feel compelled to follow my routine.

Speak Up

Is your problem lack of knowledge? When motivational guru Earl Nightingale stated (on his daily radio broadcast) that public speaking is an important element to success, I remembered that my public speaking experience was a disaster. I tried to speak before my high school senior class, and lost my voice. I took immediate action to take a public speaking course, and today I earn my living as a professional speaker, presenting before thousands of people every year.

All Aboard

So now you are ready to board your own personal "Dream Train." Before you get on board, pack your bags with the right tools. The world is waiting for you if you are willing to make the right choices and take massive action. Your possibilities are unlimited if you open your mind to the cornucopia of opportunity that is waiting for you to take action. If it is going to be, it is up to you. Stop waiting for fate or someone else to determine your future. When the conductor yells, "All Aboard," run toward the train and take the leap. By the way, pick the first class car. You deserve it.

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