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It is easy to succeed when life is going well because you tend to think that you are the cause for all your good luck. When the economy goes South, or times get tough, your attitude goes with it because you have not conditioned yourself to handle adversity.


Muscle is built in weightlifting by tearing down existing muscle. It is painful to make that last repetition with the barbell, and yet, that is when the true benefits are being achieved. If you work until it feels a bit difficult, and then give up, you will not build muscle for when you need it. Similarly, if you stop making calls when you get a few no’s, you will not build sales muscle. Rejection is the weight resistance that builds strength and endurance.


You must develop durability that gives you the power to withstand the pressure and the wear and tear that comes from selling. Durability is gained by effort that makes you stronger, so rejection is a blessing in disguise. The more that you experience rejection, the more you will master correcting your course. I recall that the rocket to the moon was off course 95% of the time, and it reached its destination because it made frequent small course changes. When your sales fall behind, take the time to analyze your sales process and make the necessary corrections to keep your goals on course. You learn more from your failures than you do from your successes.


A man was walking in the forest, and he saw an eagle’s nest in a tree. He climbed the tree and witnessed an eaglet struggling to break out of its egg. Feeling sorry for the eaglet, the man broke the shell so that the eaglet could be freed from his struggle. The eaglet died because part of the eagle’s cycle of life is the struggle to get out of the egg. It is that struggle that gives the eaglet the strength it requires to become an eagle. And, so it is that same struggle that gives the sales person the strength he/she needs to become a sales superstar. If you have not had struggle in your life, you are not growing.


Know what to do, and do what you know. Most of us know what must be done every day to succeed in selling. The problem is not in the knowing -- it is in the doing. You acknowledge that if you wish to play the piano well, it will take hours, days, months, and years of practice. The question is: are you willing to make the effort? You recognize that if you want to be a great sales person, there are time-tested, proven strategies that you must employ. Are you willing to make the effort every hour, every day, every month, and every year in order to achieve your true potential? What are you waiting for, and who are you waiting for? If it is going to be, it is up to You.


You will discover a gold mine of opportunity inside of you if you pick up the pickax and begin digging. The digging is the hard part; it takes effort to swing the ax again and again. Initially, you see only dirt, but if you continue to dig, you will find golden nuggets of opportunity.


I recall when I played high school football, I felt so beaten and battered after football practice that I told myself that I was not returning to practice the following day. When I reached the locker room and took a shower, I felt so good that I changed my mind and returned to practice the next day to begin the cycle all over again. The effort was worth it when game time came, and I played in a real game. Similarly, all of the rejection that you encounter in selling is forgotten when you make a sale.


Continue to persevere and you will enjoy the benefits of your efforts. For some reason, it is usually the last call that I make that yields the rewards. You may be exhausted and ready to quit for the day, but make one more call. On the way home, make one more sales visit or send out one more proposal. You frequently see positive endurance results in sports. The player puts forth the second effort and goes home with the trophy.


Stick to it every day until you develop real sticktoitiveness.

Never give up, and successful results will prevail.


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