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by Joe Bonura, CSP

In this article:

  • A Real Sales Animal
  • Whatever Muffin Wants
  • Sold On Celery
  • She "Nose" What She Wants
  • Beautiful Brown Eyes
  • Use Your "Knows"
  • The Layered Effect
  • Do Not Overdo It
  • A Knack For Snacks
  • Patience Pays
  • Patient Impatience
  • Welcome Home
  • No Business Like Show Business
  • Take The Lead
  • Take Out Your Leash
  • Catch And Fetch
  • Pets And Kid

A Real Sales Animal

I was cutting up a celery treat for my miniature Schnauzer Muffin when I realized what a great sales person (animal) she is.

Whatever Muffin Wants

Over the years, Muffin has been able to sell my wife and me on giving her anything she wants. Whatever Muffin wants, Muffin gets.

Sold On Celery

Whenever she eats all of her kibble, we give her some chopped celery. I know that sounds strange, but it is her favorite treat.

She "Nose" What She Wants

We feed Muffin at the same time that we sit down for dinner, and I always know when she is ready for her celery when I feel her cold nose gently nudging my leg.

Beautiful Brown Eyes

She will poke my leg two times and then step back and look up at me with those big brown eyes. I know it is not proper doggie procedure, but I will usually get up and give her what she wants.

Use Your "Knows"

It is also necessary in selling for you to gently nudge your customers. You should gently remind them that you are there, waiting for them to make a decision and that your "knows" can help them.

The Layered Effect

You nudge clients by sending thank-you notes, e-mail, faxes, snail mail, and voicemail messages. By layering one thing on top of the other, you will become Top-Of-Mind when decision time comes.

Do Not Overdo It

If Muffin were too harsh in her approach and approached me with loud barking, I would probably put her in another room until she calmed down.

A Knack For Snacks

She is also very patient. If I am eating snacks while watching Monday Night Football, she sits there watching me while I watch the TV.

Patience Pays

Her eyes follow every Dorito that goes into my mouth until I finally weaken and give her one. Her patience pays every time.

Patient Impatience

Impatience can cost a sales person a sale every time. I do not think you should be complacent, but impatience is a sign that you are more interested in the commission check than the client's best interest. Just as with Muffin, you are present, but you are not barking the entire time. I call it patient impatience.

Welcome Home

Muffin always lets me know that she is glad to see me when I return home from a trip. With a wagging tail and a happy bark, she greets me at the door. Her body language speaks louder than words and conveys the message that she is happy to see me.

No Business Like Show Business

Let your customers know that you are genuinely happy to see them. Give them a warm handshake and a big smile (that's how people wag their tail and show happiness).

Take The Lead

Muffin loves to take the lead when I take her for a walk. Sometimes she leads me in a new and interesting direction. I discover things I would not have seen, had I not followed her lead.

Take Out Your Leash

Lead your customers where you want them to go by going first where they are. In order to accomplish that, you must ask them lots of good questions (Click here to see my article on questioning skills).

Catch And Fetch

When she wants to play catch and fetch with me, she gets her favorite squeaky toy and follows me around as she squeaks the toy. I guess you would call that product sales demonstration. She gets my attention, and we end up playing her game.

Pets And Kids

Become a student of watching how pets and kids get what they want. Start paying attention today and you will end up with more than a biscuit.


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