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Run For The Roses!
by Joe Bonura, CSP


Are You On A Treadmill?

You can have, be, or do anything that you desire in life if, and it is a big IF, you know what you want to have, be, or do. Most people are like a gerbil on a treadmill instead of an expressway; they keep moving, but they do not seem to get anywhere. This applies to planning your day, as well as planning your life.

Just Get Moving

Each day gives you a new opportunity to change your life and move forward, or in some cases, to just move, period! The first thing that you do in the morning is to open your eyelids, and that is the first choice you make when the sun comes up or the alarm goes off.

Open Your Eyes

If you make another decision, to close your eyes and roll over and go back to sleep, you have already joined the average-person group. The average, ordinary person lives life and just gets by, while the successful person wakes and is on the go immediately.

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

When I owned an advertising agency, I contemplated my competition still lying in bed while I was on my daily run at 5:00 AM; I already had a head start on the other agencies. It felt good to know that after my three-mile run, I would be dressed and in my office by 6:30 AM. To save additional time, I had a shower installed in my office.

Get Up And Get Started

Your first choices in the morning can, and will, set the tone for the rest of the day. If you plan your day the night before, you will be up and running without any wasted time, and since time is your greatest asset, why waste it while you try to figure how to start your day?

It Is Just Horse Sense

The 2009 Kentucky Derby was won by a 50 to 1 long shot. I was not in Louisville for the race, but if I had bet on the race, I would have pocketed $74 on a $2 bet. I know that I would have won because I have a fail-proof system (well, almost) for betting on a sloppy or wet track. Since the favorite very seldom wins when track conditions change, I bet $2 on every horse in the race, except the favorite.

All Bets Are Off

A wet track changes everything, especially when there are 19 great horses in the race. When track conditions changed and all bets were off, jockey Calvin Borel woke up ready to change Kentucky Derby history. Mine That Bird and Louisiana jockey Borel had to beat 18 other horses including the favorite, just as you must triumph over other sales people in jockeying for the sale. Kentucky-bred Mine That Bird pulled off the second biggest upset in Kentucky Derby history, winning by 6 ¾ lengths. Do not allow the pundits, the odds makers, or the economy, to determine your success.

Run On A Sloppy Track

I like it when the economy is like a sloppy track: all bets are off, and the field is leveled. The situation provides greater opportunity for those with a positive mental attitude. You must be alert and ready to act when the time comes. You win the race by constantly keeping your health, your attitude, and your skills on alert mode.

Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Labor

When my energy is low or when I am ill, I do not feel like making sales calls, so I take care of myself physically. I make every effort to eat the right foods, to exercise every day, and to follow a good vitamin regimen. You do not normally lose your health all of a sudden; you lose in each unhealthy action at a time. So what if you make millions, if you can not enjoy the fruits of your labor because you neglect your physical development.

Things Are Looking Up

It is unproductive to be in great shape if you do not have a winning attitude. My friend Rich Wilkins says that your attitude determines your altitude. As a former pilot, I know that the attitude of a plane determines whether it will fly up or down, and so it goes with your mood or outlook. Will it be up or down? Read positive material every day, and fill your mind with mental vitamins to keep your attitude positive. What goes into your mind is what you can expect to emerge in your actions. James Allen said that we become what we think about. Think positive, energizing thoughts every day.

Open Your Heart

If you were having open heart surgery, would you want a surgeon who is skilled or one who is just getting by? I made that decision a few years ago for a mitral valve repair on my heart. After researching doctors at the Cleveland Clinic, I decided on the best available, Dr. Michael Banbury, who performed in excess of ten surgeries a week using the procedure that I needed. After reading several articles that he had written on the subject, I entered the surgery with confidence that he would provide excellent results for my health issue. Four weeks after my open heart surgery, I was presenting before an audience with total confidence that I would endure the duration of the engagement.

Look Sharp, Stay Sharp, Be Sharp

Based on your knowledge and ability to provide your product or service, would someone select you as their sales representative? If they researched you and your product or service, would you be their choice for confident results? What are you doing to hone your product, sales, and customer service skills? Give your prospective clients a good reason to select you and your company.

Make Things Happen

Get off the treadmill (except to exercise), and get on the right track. Take to the track and take action now. Imagine the track announcer waking you, instead of your alarm clock waking you. See the starting gate open, and the announcer says, "And he is/she is off and running." It is time for you to move to the front of the pack. Make success happen, instead of waiting for success to happen.


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About Joe Bonura

His background is unique. Joe owned and operated a highly successful advertising agency for 18 years. During that time, he found his advertising campaigns were more effective when he educated his clients in the areas of sales and service. He conducted training seminars for his clients as added value. Word spread that Joe was a quality speaker and more and more people asked him to speak. The demand became so high that he sold the agency to three of his associates to start his own speaking and consulting company, Joe Bonura & Associates, Inc.

Joe is past President of the Kentucky Speakers Association and a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a prestigious designation earned by only 8% of the 3,600 member National Speakers Association. Joe presently serves on the board of directors of NSA.

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