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by Joe Bonura, CSP


The Bricks of Life

Tell me your daily routine, and I can predict your success or failure in business and in life. Your life is the sum total of the daily actions that you take, and the actions you take each day add up to your daily routine. Each action is like a brick added to the facade of your life.

Are You Loaded And Ready?

Recently, I had the privilege of riding with one of my client's service providers, Scott LeBlanc, a route sales person for the John Conti Coffee Company. Scott's routine begins early each morning when he double-checks the inventory on his truck. He loads the truck the night before, and if anything is missing or if new orders have come in during the night, he can add those items to his day's delivery and be on his way.

The Big Five

Do you plan each day's activities the night before as part of your routine so that you can proceed as soon as you arrive at the office? Each evening, list the five most important things that you have to do the next day. When you arrive at the office in the morning, begin working on number one on your list.

Be Alarmed

While most workers are hitting their alarms for the second or third time, Scott is already on his way making deliveries to his valued customers. No one wants to be out of coffee at 8:00 AM. On the first stop, Scott checks the inventory to assure that the customer is stocked until his next visit.

Take a Mental Inventory

Do you look beyond the present and plan for future needs, or do you wait until you run out of something before you take action? When was the last time you looked at your inventory of things that need to be accomplished and stocked up in advance so that you would be equipped to take action? As the boy scouts say, "Be Prepared."

Start a New Pot

After checking inventory, Scott immediately cleans the coffee dispensers and makes a new pot of coffee, if needed. It takes about five minutes of maintenance to keep the dispensers in good order and prevents future equipment breakdowns.

Repair Your Career

Do you keep your files in order so that you can access them immediately when needed? Do you maintain your car on a regular basis so that it is there for you to make sales calls and not in the shop being repaired? Years ago, when I was new to sales and my car needed repairs, I spent the morning at the auto shop waiting for them to fix it. When I arrived at the office, my sales manager suggested that I could have left the car and taken a cab into work because I could have been making sales calls during that time. I learned from that reprimand to not waste time and possibly miss out on valuable sales opportunities.

Know Your Client

As soon as Scott finished servicing the equipment, he went to the truck to load enough merchandise to fill in the inventory gap. He then had the customer check the merchandise and accept the new order. Because his customer trusted his judgment, he did not have to return anything to the truck.

Trust and Confidence

Do you constantly have to resell clients on your product or service, or do you have their trust and confidence? Trust and confidence are earned by knowing your customer's needs and demonstrating that knowledge by your good performance.

It Is a Numbers Game

By noon, we had made eleven stops and completed eleven orders. We had lunch at one of his customer's restaurants along with his sales manager Danny Roos. While visiting the kitchen, Danny noticed that the client was using dry sugar to sweeten the ice tea. He suggested using a liquid sweetener product that is pre-mixed and prepackaged, giving the ice tea a consistent product and better taste, and saving almost 50% of his sugar cost.


Do you look for opportunities to cross-suggest other products or services that you offer? It is not only good for the customer, but it is also good business for you.

Efficiency Is the Key

At the end of the day, Scott had made all his planned deliveries, even allowing some time to take care of unexpected delays. Scott reminded me of how important efficiency is in any profession.

Do Not Skip Your Way into Failure

Do you skip steps during your work day? If Scott skips a customer, he may lose that customer. Do not short-circuit your success by taking shortcuts. Imagine that your truck is loaded with things that need to be done each day. Load the inventory each night before you go home (your to-do list). Get up early and get to work on your first call, letting momentum work for you. Complete every task before you go home, and then plan for tomorrow. Your daily routine will drive your career to a new level.

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