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by Joe Bonura, CSP


Just Write It Down

Recently, during my customer service training program, I asked my audience to write down their goals. I told them to make a list of everything they wanted to have, to be, or to do. I told them that it was possible to achieve almost anything if they would just write it down.

It Works

After noticing the skeptical looks, I told the story of a young lady who was also skeptical about my assignment. She told me that she was not convinced that simply by writing her list she would be successful, but she made her list anyway. She and her husband very much wanted to buy a new home, and even though she did not believe in the process, she wrote it down anyway.

Here Is the Money, Honey

At the follow-up session thirty days later, she eagerly entered my class to relate to me that she had told her mother about the silly task of writing down her goal of buying a new home. Her mother mentioned it to her aunt who admitted that she was going to give her niece a nice inheritance when she passed away, but decided instead to give the money to her immediately so that she could see their joy in getting a new home. If she had not written down her dream, she would not have mentioned it to her Mom, and consequently, she would still be saving for the down payment of a new home.

The Tax Man Cometh

Another young lady in the class reluctantly wrote down that she wanted furniture for her living room, and amazingly, the new furniture was now sitting in her living room. When I asked how she accomplished her goal so quickly, she said that two days after our session, she received a tax refund in the mail. Although she would have received the tax refund anyway, because she wrote down her desire for new furniture, it was foremost in her mind, so she spent the money on furniture instead of groceries.

Believe and Achieve

After hearing these success stories, my audience listed their dreams on paper, and I asked the class to reveal some of their goals. One person said that she wanted to take a trip to Scotland, so I asked her friend to be her accountability partner. Her first assignment was to visit a travel agent for a brochure and the cost for making the journey. How can you make plans to do something if you do not know what your investment will be?

God Bless America

I asked a young man sitting across the room, and he said proudly that he wanted to be a Navy Seal and would commit himself to doing whatever it takes to achieve it -- not an easy task. After seeing his determination, we can feel a bit safer knowing there are dedicated people, like this young man, volunteering to protect us.

She Had the Voice

Finally, I asked a young lady who was a housekeeper at the client hotel where I was speaking, and she said that she would like to sing on TV on "The Voice." She wanted the audience to hear her sing so that she could get a job singing in a nice lounge.

It Took Guts

I handed her the microphone and asked her to show the 150 people in the room how well she could sing. Although initially hesitant, when she belted out a song, she received a standing ovation. She was incredibly talented.

Goal Achieved

Before I wrapped up my presentation to the audience, the Hotel General Manager asked to say a few words. He directed his attention to the young lady who sang, and he told her that as the hotel had several lounges in their hotel chain, he would like for her to sing for their hotel guests in one of their lounges. She did not have to appear on "The Voice," and she achieved her dream job in less than 30 minutes.

Make It Known

She simply wrote down her goal and mentioned it in front of the right people. Two questions: 1. What if she had not written down her goal to sing? 2. What if she had not been bold enough to mention her talent before the class, and then to willingly perform before her peers?

Dream Bigger

What is holding you back? Do not be afraid to dream too big; most people dream too small. Leo Burnett, one of the former greats in the advertising business, said that we should reach for the stars, and at least, we will not come up with a handful of dirt.

It is time to start reaching . . .

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