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by Joe Bonura, CSP


Make It A Habit

As Stephen Covey wrote in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, "Always begin with the end in mind." Closing the sale is the end result that most sales people have in mind when they are making sales calls; however, the real sale is usually in the follow-up where most sales people do a poor job.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

After the first call on a prospect, the follow-up begins as soon as you get to the car. Carry a stack of “thank-you” notes in the car, and before you start the engine, write a quick thank-you to the prospect for your visit. Within fifteen minutes after you completed your sales call, the prospect has forgotten that you exist, so the thank-you note is a good reminder.

Always On Their Minds

The next morning, the prospect opens the mail, and you are top-of-mind again. In the advertising agency business, we had a saying that “spaced repetition is the mother of memory.” Since the average sale is usually made on the fifth contact, you will be well on your way to becoming top-of-mind with the prospect. Another good reason to send the thank-you note is that your competition is probably not doing it, and it will give you a competitive advantage.

One More Reason

I have had sales people tell me that many clients confide that the thank-you note was one of the reasons they received the business. I have had some tell me that they received a thank-you for the thank-you. It is a simple and polite way for you to stand out from the crowd. Make it a habit, and you will reap the benefits.

Target Ten

Your ultimate goal will be to create what I call a list of ten hot prospects, that you will put on your to-do list every week. The objective is to do something every week to keep your name in front of your “target-ten” list. Again, the objective is to become top-of-mind in your product category with your target list.

High-Touch, Low-Touch

You should always be working a list of ten hot prospects. But, what happens when you sell one of the ten? You add a new prospect to the list so that you will always be working with ten hot potentials. So what can you do every week to keep in touch? You can use two methods: High-touch and Low-touch.

High-Touch Examples

Phone calls
Personal visits

Low-Touch Examples

Birthday Cards
Christmas Cards

Everybody sends birthday cards and Christmas cards, and your objective will be to stand out by also sending off-season cards. A friend of mine sent a client a Ground Hog Day card, and she called him with tears in her eyes. She said that she and her father always exchanged Ground Hog Day cards before he passed away.

Ground Hog Day Cards
Valentine Day Cards
Independence Day cards
Event Cards (you acknowledge news about them in the local paper)
Articles (Send snail mail or e-mail of an article that would be of interest to them)

I once closed a deal after sending a prospect a telegram. He thought that is was so unique, and since he was looking for an advertising agency that would make him stand out from the competition, we fit the bill.

Three-Dimensional Objects

The Coeur D’Alene Resort, a client of mine, sent a six-pack of beer to a beer distributor. Each bottle had a special label, printed with one of the amenities of the resort that the beer distributor would enjoy at the facility. The carton featured the hotel.


When one of my friends visited a client and discovered that she was planning a trip to Antarctica, my friend immediately sent a book about Ernest Shakelton’s adventure to be the first to walk across the continent of Antarctica.

Discover your prospect’s interests, and send them something that addresses that interest.

When I worked for the General Electric Company, we wanted to motivate the dealers to sell more appliances by giving an incentive of a trip to Las Vegas. We sent them a one-month subscription to the Las Vegas Sun Newspaper.

Watch What Happens

Have a creative session with your staff and create ways to stand out from the crowd. Every week, keep your name always before your target ten list, and watch what happens.


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