"It Is Your Job To Keep Their Jobs"

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It Is Your Job To Keep Their Jobs
by Joe Bonura, CSP


It Takes Strategy

As I was perusing some old files, I came across the strategy sheet for getting my first job in advertising. At the time, I was a finance collector, and during one of my collections, I had been threatened with a knife. I decided it was time to seriously pursue a new job, so I followed the strategy sheet, and in less than thirty days, I had a new job in sales.

Selling Is Getting A Job

The more I think about it, the more I realize that in getting a new job and in getting a new client, the sales process is identical. That is why I wrote my new Kindle EBook, "Throw the Rabbit and Get That Job in Thirty Days or Less!"

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Out Of Clients Means Out of Work

The same principle holds true: if a sales person does not get a new client, the result is the same as being out of work. Eventually, the paychecks stop coming, and you are out of work. Without new clients, there is no job. Many individuals and companies fail to realize that they exist simply because of their sales team and the number of calls and sales they make on a regular basis.

193 Dependents

I was doing sales training with a printing company, and I asked the owner how many people worked at the printing firm, and he said two hundred. I asked how many people were responsible for sales, and he said seven. I commented, "So, what you are saying is that 193 people depend on the seven people to keep their jobs?" He had never thought of it in that perspective.

It Is All In The Pursuit

His sales team was seriously unproductive because they were not aggressively pursuing new business. I suggested that he display a large bulletin board with all seven of the sales persons' names listed on the left side of the board, and across the top of the board, write the words "Look At How Many New Calls I Made Today To Help You Keep Your Job." Each day, enter the number of sales calls for each sales person.

Numbers Equal Sales

Each day, the number of sales calls was entered on the board before they went home each night. Within the first two weeks, two of the sales people quit their jobs, and the other five made up the difference, and then some. The company sales were up by 20% after the first three months, and the company replaced the "quitters" with two new productive sales people.

Your Support Team

Take a look at your company and the people who work in the background to support you, from the janitor to the president of the company. They all depend on sales, selling the product or service. Simply stated, they all depend on you, the sales person. The next time you feel like slacking off, just remember that it is not only your future that is in jeopardy, but also the lives and families of those employees back at the office who have no control over their future no matter how good they are at their jobs. If the product or service is not sold, then there is no company.

Go The Extra Call

Make an earnest effort to get to know your support team and to make one extra call every day for the next thirty days. That is just one extra call a day. Honestly -- you can do that! Your co-workers depend on you as much as you depend on them.

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About Joe Bonura

His background is unique. Joe owned and operated a highly successful advertising agency for 18 years. During that time, he found his advertising campaigns were more effective when he educated his clients in the areas of sales and service. He conducted training seminars for his clients as added value. Word spread that Joe was a quality speaker and more and more people asked him to speak. The demand became so high that he sold the agency to three of his associates to start his own speaking and consulting company, Joe Bonura & Associates, Inc.

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