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Good Tired
by Joe Bonura, CSP


Moving and Grooving Your Way to Success

Get up and get going. Stop waiting for someone else to make life happen for you. This morning, I read something that I would like to share with you in this month's E-Zine. The article was about apathy, and it reminded me of a word that I have not used in a long time.

From Apathy to Inertia

One of the biggest causes for failure in sales is "inertia." The dictionary defines inertia as "... the property of a body by which it remains at rest."

A Lesson from Sir Newton

Sir Isaac Newton said that an object in motion tends to stay in motion, and Sir Fig Newton says that an object sitting on a couch tends to stay on the couch.

Coffee Cup Blues

I was having a cup of coffee in Starbucks, and there was a gentleman sitting by the window. He needed a shave, his eyes were drooping, and he had a sad look on his face. Because he looked lost with nowhere to go, I wondered what the rest of his day would be like. He was waiting for life to happen to him.

Put on Some New Shoes

It occurred to me that the one thing separating me from being in his shoes was the number of sales calls I make each day. Think about it: if you were to completely stop making sales calls tomorrow, how long would it take before you would have nowhere to go? I shot a few arrow prayers his way for a positive change in his day.

Action Begets Energy

Remember that mood follows action, rarely does action follow mood. Action begets energy, and energy begets more action, which in turn, begets more energy. It is like jumping off a moving train: you will continue to roll because of the momentum of the train's speed.

Bad Tired Is Not Good

Have you ever had a day when you go home from work in a mood that I call "bad tired?" If you look back over that day, you will find that you acted sluggardly. It was a day of procrastination and laziness, where you simply went through the motions without enthusiasm.

Good Tired Is Not Bad

Have you ever gone home feeling "good tired?" Yes, you are tired, but you feel really good about the day and your accomplishments. If you look back over that day, you probably worked harder than usual, but instead of feeling bad about the day, you feel a sense of accomplishment. You will discover the day included doing many things that you did not feel like doing, but you did them anyway. My good friend, Bill Mann, one of the most energetic sales producers I know, reminded me of the expression, "If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person."

Time To Act Now

It's January! What a great month to make a commitment to do things differently in order to create a change for the better. I am not referring to a New Year's resolution, but I challenge you to a lifetime commitment to excellence.

Pick Up The Phone Now

Start now. Decide to pick up the phone and make some sales calls. You don't know who to call? Go to your file cabinet or your CRM (customer resource management) program and make ten dials. After you make your ten dials to people you already know, go to the yellow pages and select five new businesses to call. Pick up the phone, and do it now.

Feeling Better Already

If you start doing and stop stewing, you will experience an immediate feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment. You will be working your way to feeling good tired, and rising to the top of the sales success ladder. Most people would rather make excuses than sales calls. It is easy to succeed in life because you will be doing what the sluggards fail to do.

Rub The Lantern

For some reason, we think success in sales is something that only the select few can enjoy. The truth is that the sales genie can be called out of the lantern by anyone willing to take action and rub the lantern. Remember that nothing happens until you do something as simple as picking up the phone and making your first call.

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