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Gone Fishing
by Joe Bonura, CSP


Never Too Young To Learn

Last week, I took my eight-year-old grandson fishing in the lake behind our house. After his second cast, he caught a small bass. Many casts later he complained that he was not catching many fish.

The Fun Is In The Failures

I told him that the fun of fishing is as much the anticipation of catching a fish as it is in actually catching a fish. I told him that if he caught a fish every time he threw a line in the water, fishing would become very boring.

Morning Till Night

A few years ago, I took my two sons on a fishing trip to Canada. After four days of intensive fishing from morning until night, we caught only thirty fish.

3000 Casts And Counting

Just for the fun of it, we decided to see how many times each of us cast a line in the water before catching a fish. It turned out that we made over 3000 casts each, resulting in our success ratio of one fish for every 300 throws.

You Never Know

But that is what made it fun. We didn’t know what result we would achieve when we threw the line in the water. We did know that if we did not throw the line in the water, we would have zero results.

Get Your Line In The Water

OK. This is a fact: The same is true of selling. If you don't have a line in the water, or if you are not on the phone calling prospects, you will get zero results.

The Pros Have It

I have watched several fishing tournaments on TV over the years, and some fishermen will always do better than others. Why? Because they have better fishing skills.

The Three Great Rules

Those of you who have heard me speak, or who have read my book, know that my three great rules of selling are: 1) Make Calls 2) Make More Calls, and 3) Make Many, More Calls. As simple as that sounds, it works. The more you have your line in the water, the more opportunities will come your way.

The Three Great Rules Refined

Over the years I have added the following to my three great rules. Make targeted, focused, skillful calls.

Are You Willing

The question is: Are you willing to keep going when the fishing hole isn't yielding any fish? I was tempted to give up, but I decided to cast my line in the water one more time.

Strike It Rich

Sure enough, I had a strike. It was a big one too. What would have happened if I had decided to call it a day? Sometimes it is that last call, the one I really do not feel like making, that delivers the biggest return and the greatest thrill.

Start Fishing Now

At the end of the day with my grandson, he remarked, “You know what, Popsy? Fishing is a real adventure.” And so it is with selling! So get your fishing pole (your phone) and start casting (dialing for dollars).

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