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Gold Mining
by Joe Bonura, CSP


There Is Gold In Them There Hills

I did a sales training session for a group of media sales reps in New Mexico. They blitzed the market for four days and brought in over $48,000 in new business.

The Blitz Blizzard

The business would have been out there even if they had not blitzed the market; it simply would not have translated to money in their pockets.

Stop The Wait

It is your job as a sales person to find the business and not to wait for the business to find you. I like being proactive, and not reactive to market conditions.

Don't Be A Scavenger

When I was in media sales years ago, we had a system that whoever was in the office would get the call-in. We had one sales person that we called "The Vulture." He would perch by his phone, waiting for the phone to ring. It did ring sometimes, but not enough for him to keep his job.

Grab A Shovel And Dig

My good friend Fred Reno and I were out digging up business, while "The Vulture" was waiting for business to dig him up. It was not long before the vulture was buried in poor sales performance and looking for a new job.

Job Security

Not only did Fred and I keep our jobs, but we made a nice income in the process. Fred went on to become the sales manager of a large media property in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


During a sales training session, I did a tongue-in-cheek demonstration to reveal how futile it is to wait for the phone to ring in order to create more business. I put my cell phone on the table in front of the room and invited five audience members to join me around the phone.

The Power Of Suggestion

I told them that I had tried what we were about to do on my own, but it did not seem to work. I suggested that we all stand around and stare at the phone to make it ring. I said that, with the power of all six of us staring at it, the phone would surely ring.

Not So Funny

They all chuckled at my ridiculous proposal, but I insisted that we give it a try. Sure enough, the phone rang. I answered it, and I stated that it was the competition on the line, making sales calls. I kidded, "At least somebody is out there trying to get new business." (Actually, I had the sales manager go in the other room and call in.)

Lesson Learned

The lesson was well received, and within the next hour, I had everyone on the phone making ten dials each, using my suggested telephone script (see below). We had forty people in the room, and the calls resulted in over eighty appointments.

Say What?

OK, so you believe me, but what do you say when you make the call?

You: Hi, my name is _____________. Whom am I speaking with?

Prospect: Mary

(If you are calling a business number, the person on the other end may think that you are a customer at this point, so don't worry; they will treat you with respect.)

You: Mary, I need your help!

(It is important for you to repeat her name back to her at this point.)

Mary: How can I help you?

(She will say that, or something like that, in response to your plea.)

You: Mary, we work with businesses that want to (your key benefit here). Does that make sense to you?

(Notice that you have not yet identified your company. The benefit is more important than your company name. Asking does that make sense gets the person on the other end to respond. It sure beats, "How are you today?")

Mary: I guess so?

(She might say, "How can I help you?" or "What can I do for you?" or something in that vein.)

You: Mary, what do we have to do to speak with Mike?

(Notice that you used the word we, and not I. You want her to be on your team, and not just a lackey you are sending to fetch Mike.)

Mary: Uh, who are you with?

You: I'm sorry; I'm with ABC Company. Is Mike in today?

Mary: Let me get him on the phone for you.

(Ring, Ring . . .)

Mike: Hello, Mike speaking.

You: Hello, Mike, this is Joe Bonura; we work with companies that want to (insert benefit here). Does that make sense to you?

Mike: It might.

You: Great! I'm with ABC Company, and I will be across the street from your office tomorrow at 2:00 pm. I would like only ten minutes of your time. Is two OK with you?

Mike: Two sounds fine.

You: See you then.

If he is not interested, hang up, and go to the next call. It is more productive to be making the next call, than it is to convince someone, who is not interested, to change his mind. That is what makes the phone so productive. Just like the Energizer Bunny, you can keep going, and going, and going.

Note: Joe Bonura's article containing this script may be found here: www.bonura.com/articles/dialing_for_dollars.htm

A Little Time Equals Big Bucks

For less than thirty minutes of effort, we had enough appointments to bring in over $250,000 in new business, based on their typical closing ratio.

The Wow Factor

My next question to the group was, "What if you made those ten dials every day?" WOW! The potential results are mind boggling.

Fear Not

Why is it that even though you know what to do, you don't want to do it? It is called fear: fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success.

The Worst Thing

When you are having trouble making cold (warm) calls, ask yourself the following question, "What is the worst thing that can happen to me if I make this call?" Once you have answered that question, go for it. Pick up the phone and start panning for gold.


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